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To ensure that all loads are handled correctly and to avoid any confusion, we would like to suggest that all orders be placed via fax or email. Telephonic orders are acceptable so that the vehicle can be booked but we urge you to follow your telephonic order with a fax or email confirmation so as to avoid any misunderstanding and to ensure all your needs are met

We have suggested a cut off of 12:00 the day prior to loading but naturally we understand that circumstances beyond your control could come into play and that your customers could request a last minute order which we will endeavor to fulfill.


We will undertake to monitor the movement of every load type from the loading point on site to the delivery point. During this process we will liaise directly with the receiving customers so as to arrange scheduled delivery times where possible. It may be reassuring to know that the majority if not all  vehicles will be equipped with either satellite tracking devices, two way radios and/or cellular phones, thus increasing our control over the entire process.


It is understood that this procedure for at least the initial stage will be assisted with between the two parties where complicated movements may occur. It is also agreed that should our drivers arrive at your customers or warehouse and the load is not accepted for whatever

reason, a key staff member from your organisation will assist in persuading the customer to accept the load. It is also important to note that we as the transporters have no leverage over your receiving customers and that this is where the business partnership between our two orginisations plays a vital role.


The contractor will have their own documentation which will be signed as proof of delivery as well as any documentation given to the driver when loading. These will be attached and sent to you with your invoice for the transport.


Should it be requested that more than one drop be carried per vehicle, we would request your assistance in arranging delivery slots with the receiving customers should it be required so that the process runs smoothly. Please bear in mind that if the deliveries are not met and due to no negligence of ours and the goods are to be returned, the load / delivery in question will be charged for as if it was delivered. It is also noted that additional deliveries will be at an additional tariff per drop. 


Loading of vehicles will be the responsibility of your company. This procedure, we trust, will be conducted by forklift to increase productivity. The offloading of the vehicles will remain the responsibility of the receiving customers at large. Should it be required that we assist in this process this can be arranged at a nominal fee. It is important to notify us of this requirement when ordering.


Should you have any warehousing requirements or wish for us to explore your needs in this regard, we would be delighted to do so.


With regards to the utilisation of vehicles for local distribution specifically in 8 tonnervehicles. Our insurance cover is up to R100 000 (one hundred thousand rand) per load. For the utilisation of 24 ton pantechs and or tri axles our cover goes up to R250 000 (two hundred and fifty thousand rand) per load and up to R300 000 (three hundred thousand rand) per 36 ton super link. Naturally not all vehicles are covered up to these values which you need to bear in mind. GIT is not automatically covered in our transportation and it is to be requested on every load and indicated to what amount is to be covered for. Should you require cover for higher than above, we will need this in writing and will quote on request. Please note that additional cover will have an additional charge which will be for your account. Cross Border - Goods are transported at Owners Own Risk. If you require Insurance on cross border consignments please request a quote.


Hendor Transport will assume responsibility for each load once it has been checked, loaded and our driver has signed for the product. On delivery, once the receiving party has signed for the products and no endorsements are made, it is accepted that the cargo has been received in good order. No claims will be entertained if the invoice has been signed or endorsed with the comment "received but not checked". Any shortages and or damages are to be invoiced for by yourselves to us which we will endeavor to settle promptly.  In the event of such a claim, we are to be notified verbally within 24 hours and in writing within 7 days. It is also agreed and understood that you will not offset any claims whatsoever against any outstanding invoices payable by yourselves to Hendor Transport without our written consent.  Should the driver be collecting goods in a sealed container, we will not accept responsibility for the load as the drier cannot check the contents.


It is our request that all payment are met as requested. Our terms are 30days Nett from date of statement. We offer a 2.5% discount for payment within 7 days from date of invoice.


Please note that this proposal is valid for 90 days from date of this presentation. Please note that any statutory increases gazetted by the government such as diesel which could affect our current structure and this will need to be negotiated with you at the time.


Although it our intention to fulfill our transport and distribution obligation on behalf of your company, it is noted that any acts of force majeure that could restrict Hendor Transport from performing their duties, the company, its directors and staff cannot be held responsible. This condition refers to fire, flood, strikes, lock out, epidemic, accident, war, civil war, break downs or other causes beyond the reasonable control of Hendor Transport and which prevent us from delivering or receiving goods on behalf of yourselves, your suppliers and or customers.



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